Automated Text Message Funnels

Email drip campaigns are a thing of the past. With 97% open rate, text messaging is the king. In CHIIRP, you can easily set up text message drip campaigns that will outperform email campaigns ALL. DAY. LONG. Watch this quick video to see just how easy it is to set up a text message drip campaign.


True 1 to 1 Text Messaging

Automation is awesome! But it's also very important that you have the ability to communicate with your leads 1 to 1, just like you would from your cell phone. Our user-friendly messaging platform will allow you to communicate with your leads, nurture them, and bring them to the point of sale much faster than through email or other channels.


Broadcast Messaging

Have a message you need to get out now? Send a broadcast message to all or part of your list in just a few minutes. Simply select the contacts you want to send to, type your message and let CHIIRP do the rest.


Keyword Conversations

Collect more leads faster with keyword conversations. People would rather text than call. Have them text in a keyword to receive specific information. It's easy to set up and very effective, watch it in action: Text DEMO to 801-753-9312.


Scheduled Text Messages

Put your follow-up on autopilot. No more putting reminders in your calendar to follow up. Create your message now, select the date and time you want it to go out, forget about it. CHIIRP will make sure your message is delivered on time.


Ringless Voicemail

Humanize yourself by sending a voicemail straight to your leads voicemail inbox. Check it out by sending the word VOICE to 801-753-9312.