With text messaging we have an incredibly powerful opportunity to connect with our customers on a personal level.

This allows us to create deeper relationships with our customers. Building personal relationships with our clients has never been easy and it has never really been able to be automated. Until text messaging.
There is a lot of emotion tied to the notification of a text message. More so than any other notification that comes through our phone.
So, with text message automation we have a unique opportunity to create relationships with our customers AT SCALE. This means we can keep a personal touch with A LOT more people than we previously could.
This has always been a problem in business. A company starts out and focuses heavily on customer communication. Then the company grows and they are unable to maintain that personal touch and they start to feel too “corporaty” if you know what I mean. Customers say “I used to love them, but they got too big and now it’s just different”
With automation we can solve this big problem… BUT WE HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT.
We can quickly kill the magic of this opportunity if we choose not to word our texts in a personal way.
Here’s an example of a message that will totally kill the vibe:
It’s cold outside! Time to get that furnace inspected. Act now and get 50% off. Hurry, we only have a few slots left!
With this messaging you remove all the personal touch and it just becomes white noise like all the other marketing out there. You’d never send a text like that to a friend, why send it to a customer?
Let’s see if we can get the same message across with a more personal touch:
Hi Jamie, this is Ryan with Wasatch Heating and Air. I just wanted to let you know that we have a few open slots this week for a furnace inspection. I can offer you a pretty great discount if you’d like to take one. What’s better for you? AM or PM?
When writing your texts don’t overthink them. Write them as if you are writing a friend the message, because ultimately you are.