3 Simple Ways to Better Engage Your Leads


You’ve worked hard to get the leads coming in. Blood sweat and tears. Now it’s time for some MAGIC. Here are 3 simple ways to engage your leads with text message automation.

  1. U Jane, Me Tarzan. When texting leads it’s important to come of natural and personable. Although you are using an automated tool to get the job done faster, you don’t want to miss out on the personal touch. As you draft your first text it’s helpful to forget about the automation and consider it a one-off message you’d be sending from your cell phone. Draft the message on your phone even to feel out how you’d write it. The less robotic you sound, the higher response rate you’ll see from your leads.?
  2. Always, and I mean, ALWAYS use the lead’s first name! I feel like I’m yelling! Ok, but seriously you want to use the first name of the lead every time you send them a message. It may sound easy and a no-brainer, but it’s actually really important.
  3. Asking a question is a great way to engage your leads. If you simply send them a text with info and wait for them to respond, the lack of response is going to hurt your feelings. Open ended questions are great conversation starters. Remember, the whole point of texting your leads is to get them to the next part of your sales cycle, and a question in your text invites them to interact and get the conversation going. “Hey, Jim it’s Blake. I’m excited to show you what we can do for you. Are you available to chat right now?” or “Hey, Jim, I just got your info sent over to me. Looks like you’re inquiring about (Your offer) how long have you been looking into this? Play around with this to feel out what you want to ask. It doesn’t have to be ground breaking, but you don’t want to leave the lead with nowhere to go.


In short, be personable, connect on a human level, and engage the leads in conversation. Happy texting!